Auto Part manufacturers new policy: Neighborhood car part makers have revived their interest in motivating forces in the government’s Auto Industry Development Policy (AIDP) 2016-21.

The vehicle part merchants, while addressing a gathering of columnists. So, It expressed that they contribute over 60% of car parts to privately made autos. And massively affect the economy as Auto Part manufacturers new policy they spare the outpouring of a great many dollars and furthermore enable back to off the deterioration of Rupee.

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Auto Part manufacturers new policy


The nearby merchants griped that in spite of their commitment. So, The administration has disregarded them totally in the new arrangement.

As per them, right now, 400 merchants from the nation over convey car parts worth more than Rs. 300 million consistently.

“This has not been conceivable Auto Part manufacturers new policy without the exchange of innovation from Japan. So, The household sellers have 45 distinctive specialized help concurrences with Japanese organizations.”

The sellers were of the feeling that the legislature ought to give assess pardons and different motivating forces to energize ‘made in Pakistan’ approach.

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They requested that the government ought to likewise give advantages to the nearby vehicle parts producers’ equivalent to the new players. So, Yet it had not been considered in the new arrangement.

President of Ahmed Glass Industries, Ejaz Ahmed said that with the assistance of present-day innovation. So, The parts created privately confirmed to worldwide models. And were affirmed by the Japanese central command of the residential vehicle fabricating organizations after careful quality tests.

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