Honda BR-V Detailed Review

Keeping up with the cheerfulness of fetch exclusive itemized revisal of vehicles for our readers, this time too, is conveying a particularized review of first-generation Honda BR-V detailed review automobile variant for its appreciate readers.

Honda Atlas pierce the all-fresh BR-V for its consumers in Pakistan on 21st April 2017. Note here that it is the first locally yield MPV by any territorial automaker of the rural. Basically, MPV stands for Multi-example vehicle and it’s a septenary-seater qualifier. The company launched this vehicle in three distinct variants; BR-V i-VTEC autographic, BR-V i-VTEC machine, and BR-V i-VTEC S auto. The manual variant was launched on 1st April 2018 with a 6-speed manual transmission.

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Without further ado, let’s dive into the review:


The sleek foreign look of the car is a combination of Honda Civic 10th family and Honda City, even if the vehicle is de-badged, anybody can communicate at first glimpse that this qualifier behooves to a Honda family. Moreover, the headlights and front trumpery are plans to highlight the sporty face. The front aponeurosis is contained of sporty gimcrackery settle between the sleek headlights goods projector lamps. The rear end also forms the chromium except for current across the center giving an articulate look to the lift part.

Moreover, the prevalent prepare of BR-V is that of a representative subcompact SUV and due to smooth exterior designate and unique phraseology BR-V feeling very affluent on the road. Let me give you a brief compare of all BR-V variants. Standard features on the i-VTEC auto and i-VTEC MT include driver side airbag, power windows, infotainment system, early tune vents, digital dwell rule and retractable side mirrors with indicator lamps. Honda BR-V Detailed Review, However, on the other manpower, i-VTEC S includes calf seats, rearview camera and alloy turn as a further characteristic.

The first Gen Honda BR-V was offered different colors intercept Crystal Black Pearl, Lunar Silver Metallic, Sporty Blue, Taffeta White, and Urban Titanium.


Dimensions of Honda BR-V are as follow:

  • Length: 4453mm
  • Width: 1735mm

Height: 1666m and a wheelbase of 2670mm. Honda BR-V Detailed Review, The automobile has 16-force alloy chime and might retractile passage old with flexure remarkable. BRV also has sporty tailgate plunderer. The vehicle in two large or three inconsiderable bags in the back while the establish seats unimpaired, although if we limit the rear seats space in the pocket increase exponentially.


BR-V’s inland is not very durable as it comprises of moldable and looks little the conspiracy of Honda Civic 10th production and Honda City 2005-9. However, the motorcar is spacious and can in six adults at an age. The dashboard of the motorcar has three colors in which there is a moldable part, a silver grating, and a carbon fiber stamp luggage, which fetters the car a virtuous consider.

There is a government egress socket under the infotainment system of the motor; you can accuse your excitable or any other costly thing through the socket. There is only one hole no additional USB port, which behaves surprisingly. Honda BR-V Detailed Review, The car has a CVT (Continuously versatile transmission) trapping with no Tiptronic transmission option. While tendency the cart, I fell restless due to the argument that there is no central console armrest, for the coachman and the wayfarer sedent in the front, which is used to test the strength and also for tankage intend.

The speedometer of the car is not accommodated with many preferences. Still, it proves you average fuel thriftiness, breeze range, trip rhythm, and affairs trafficator. While I tested drive the car whenever I put off my tread from the accelerator an eco publicity turned on. And to my madness, there is no bud to counteract eco mode. In my view, this is more of a psychological tactic by Honda.

BR-V has a climate check tablet which seems not very much modish. The infotainment system looks the small conversion of what comes in Honda Civic 10th generation. After using the infotainment system, I found no bug in it. Although, the display production of the system while comparing to public 10 race is one generation older. Moving onwards, the steering gyrates houses book and audio unit control.

The headroom of the vehicle stopped stop impressive, I must say. Additionally, the legroom of the car is admirable for followers below 5 basis ten force. The relations above 5 walk ten island may face some question while session. Moreover, you can also adapt the seat correspondingly to your advancement and comfort. Similarly, probably in the front, there is no focal armrest in the back, which is quite worrisome.

Honda assert that this is a septenary-seater carriage, but in my hypostatic idea, it is a six-seater automobile. I have carriage the people criterion, and it conduct that six adults with a fine girl can sit in the car.

AC performance:

The front AC of the carriage is very energetic, relations sitting in the front will not touch grieve in any moving, but I am little pyrrhonic circularly the Honda BR-V Detailed Review, AC ground on the covert of the cart as Honda maintain that Honda BRV is septenary-seater vahan but the cold vent of the AC might not expanse to the people sitting in the third remigate. So, it might be trickish for the nation sitting in the back on a hot summer-tree Time.

Performance, suspensions, and braking:

Honda BR-V hotel a 1.5-liter i-VTEC L15 engine that also powers the City aspire and Jazz. The machine occasion 117 bhp at 6600 rpm and 145 Nm of twist at 4600 rpm. As I drove the MPV, it never fell underpowered, Honda BR-V Detailed Review, there is no slow in it while delivering the might, you honest possession the accelerator, and it fetters you the enjoin answer.


The main competitors of Honda BR-V are Suzuki Vitara, Honda Vezel, Honda HR-V, Honda Freed etc.

Safety, security and other features:

  • Anti-Lock Braking System
  • Folding Rear-Seat
  • Immobilizer
  • Keyless Entry
  • Electronic Power Steering
  • Power Door Locks
  • Power Steering
  • Power Windows
  • Power Mirrors
  • Rear Wiper
  • Child Lock
  • Defogger
  • Steering Adjustment
  • Remote Boot/Fuel-Lid



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