Pak Suzuki Increases Bike Prices By Upto Rs. 6,000

Pak Suzuki Increases Bike Prices, After growing(prenominal) the cost of its vehicle for the fifth time, Pak Suzuki has increased its bike value following a drop in rupee’s worth.

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The bike cost has increased by Rs. 6000 and the new cost has arrived into effect since November 1, 2018. The new cost is as follows:

Model Old Price New Price
GS150SE Rs. 170,000 Rs. 175,000
GS150 Rs. 150,000 Rs. 155,000
GD110S Rs. 145,000 Rs. 150,000
GR150 Rs. 229,000 Rs. 235,000

The last three months have proved to be serviceable for the company with a remark to the sales of a motorbike in the regional market, as the company managed to sell 5,660 motorbikes. Moreover, the units shipped in July-September, 2018 also transcend last year’s shipments during the same duration.

It is appropriate to enumerate here that the company had already increased the cost of its vehicle a few days ago.

Apart from Pak Suzuki, Atlas Honda had also newly increased its motorbike rates by up to Rs. 4000. These are the new cost for Honda bikes:

Models Old Price New Price
Honda CD-70 Rs.65,500 Rs.65,900
Honda CD-70 Dream Rs.68,900 Rs.69,900
Honda Pridor Rs.90,900 Rs.91,400
CB-150F Rs.172,000 Rs.176,000

Notably, both assemblies have increased the cost of their one repetition and again, sometimes over the diminishing sales while sometimes amongst devaluing fluency.


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