Hyundai officials actually dropped a boom on their blower in Pakistan when they announced that they will be part their Santro design in Pakistan. However, Hyundai officials have announced that they will be entering their modern 2018 Hyundai Santro in the second part of 2018.

The cost of Hyundai Santro 2018 in Pakistan is yet to be fixed by the Hyundai officials, but there is a supposition that it will be around Rs.16,50,000. The competitor of this four passage hatchback self-moving by Hyundai in Pakistan is none other than the 2018 Honda Brio 1.2 and most importantly the Toyota Vitz F 1.3.

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Hyundai Santro Launch in Pakistan

Major Features and Specs of 2019 Hyundai Santro in Pakistan

2018 Hyundai Santro will be the spirit with a 1.2-liter petrol engine. It awaits to be maturely pissed with all the professional characteristic and specs, which certainly be beloved by the Hyundai blower. Here are some of the pros and cons of the fresh upcoming Santro 2018:


  •          Power windows
  •          Power steering
  •          New infotainment system
  •          1.2-liter petrol engine
  •          Dual hydraulic with brake booster braking system
  •          Alloy wheels


  •          Low ground clearance
  •          Lack of competitive mechanics
  •          Expensive spare parts

Price and Launch Date of 2018 New Hyundai Santro in Pakistan

Hyundai officials have not announced any report yet narrated to the public pierce Time or cost of modern 2018 Santro in Pakistan. However, they are projected to pierce the modern Santro in October 2018 at an await cost of


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Hyundai Santro Launch in Pakistan

Comparison of New Hyundai Santro 2018 with Others

The high price may be the key feature that will differ this hatchback automobile by Hyundai from other brand automobiles with the same engine specs and features.

2018 Suzuki Alto            Rs.12,00,000       Engine: 660cc        Fuel Economy: 20-25kmpl

2018 Suzuki Cultus        Rs.13,91,000       Engine:1.0              Fuel Economy: 10-15kmpl

Consumers who like to execute a compare of the modern Santro 2018 before the project to purchase with other modern cars of same specs tick here Compare Automobiles. Furthermore, if you want to reproof the automobiles effectual in the same cost join click here Cars.


Price in Pakistan – Images and Specs specifications


Launch Date                          2018 October
Gear/Speed                            5-speed
Transmission Type             Automatic
Power Windows                  yes
Air Bags                                   
Cylinder                                 4
Mileage (Kmpl)                   12-15
Fuel Type                              Petrol
Steering Type                     Rack&Pinion with Electric Motor
Engine Displacement (CC)             1196

Engine & Transmission

Max Torque                            
Max Power                             
Engine Displacement (CC)               1196
Transmission Type                             Automatic
Gear/Speed                                            5-speed



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