How to check mobile verification by PTA

How to check mobile verification by PTA, The last period of Device Identification, Registration and Blocking System (DIBS) will start on twentieth October 2018. This one of a kind framework will control unlawful imports, encourage genuine gadget merchants, and cell phone clients, and enhance the general security circumstance. Every single cell phone having SIM/IMEI usefulness working on Pakistani portable systems won’t confront any administration interference nor will be hindered by DIBS. Any cell phone reflecting rebellious status after twentieth October 2018 will be hindered according to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA)/DIRBS controls.

Any cell phone got/bought/imported after twentieth October 2018 must get PTA Certificate of Compliance (COC) to specialized models.

Here are the means by which to check the status of your Mobile Device!

With the end goal to make open mindfulness, PTA is sending informatory SMS to every single portable supporter of know the status of their cell phones being used. Telecom buyers can confirm the status of cell phone’s IMEI(s) by sending IMEI number through SMS to 8484, on the site: or by downloading DIRBS android portable application from Google Play Store.

4 Categories of Responses You Should Know About!

There are 4 classes of reactions that can be gotten by an endorser asking about the status of its IMEI(s) as clarified beneath:

Agreeable Devices are PTA compose endorsed and lawfully foreign made in Pakistan.

Legitimate Devices are such gadgets where the IMEI of the cell phone is substantial (GSMA affirmed), be that as it may, it isn’t PTA agreeable/endorsed.

To encourage such clients, PTA will auto enlist all such IMEIs which are seen on the portable system before twentieth October 2018 and their status will be agreeable after-this-

For auto-enrollment, clients are encouraged to do any income creating movement i.e. make any call, send an SMS or utilize the versatile web before twentieth October 2018.

Resistant gadgets are such gadgets where IMEI is either not distributed by GSMA or it is copied. To encourage such clients, PTA will auto-combine all such IMEIs which are seen on the portable system with particular SIMs before twentieth October 2018. After this date, those clients will have the capacity to utilize these IMEIs with matched SIMs-In request to auto combine all the IMEIs identified with this cell phone, clients are encouraged to do any income producing action from their SIM(s), i.e. make any call, send a SMS or utilize portable web from their SIM(s) before twentieth October 2018.

Blocked gadgets show that your IMEI is obstructed as this IMEI has been accounted for stolen before.

It is emphasized that cell phone clients ought to confirm their IMEI by sending SMS to 8484 preceding purchasing/acquiring any handset. It is encouraged to purchase just PTA agreeable/affirmed cell phones. For further subtle elements: visit PTA site (

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