How to Block Jio from Showing Ads on your Android Phone

How to Block Jio from Showing Ads on your Android Phone, As far back as I included the Reliance Jio 4G SIM on my Android telephone, I’ve been assaulted with fullscreen overlay advertisements. The promotions show up discontinuously however they’ll quite often appear after you detach a telephone call or when you are charging the gadget.

How to Block Jio from Showing Ads on your Android Phone
How to Block Jio from Showing Ads on your Android Phone

I utilize a set number of Android applications from known designers and was genuinely sure that adware was identified with the Jio telephone benefit. Subsequent to fiddling with each conceivable setting inside Android to debilitate the promotions, I swung to Twitter for help.

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You can read the whole Twitter string or here’s a rapidly synopsis:

  • Uninstall MyJio, Jio 4G Voice and all other Jio applications.
  • Renounce all consents of Jio applications. Long press the application symbol, press the data catch, go to App Permission and uncheck everything. Likewise kill the “draw over the applications” authorization for Jio applications.
  • For Android Oreo or later, go to Settings > Apps > MyJio and kill the “Application can show up to finish everything” setting. You presumably need to do this for each Jio application on the gadget.
  • Root the telephone and introduce AdAway, a promotion obstruct that uses the hosts document to square particular hostnames and IP addresses.
  • Utilize Greenify to rest all the Jio applications and keep the application from running out of sight.
  • Cripple ‘Phone’ access for all Jio applications. Indeed, even Jio Mags has default access to ‘Phone’!
  • Flip foundation information to cripple information access for all Jio related applications.

Sadly, none of these recommendations worked.

In the interim, the Jio group reached me in the wake of seeing the tweet and requested the IMEI number of the telephone. After seven days, I got a call from the Jio bolster group saying that the issue ought to be settled.

Truly, I was never again getting any fly up advertisements on my telephone regardless of having all the Jio applications as previously. What changed? It turned out, the Jio bolster delegate let me know, that these promotions must be incapacitated by Jio for the asked for telephone number on the server side.

To put it plainly, in the event that you are additionally feeling irritated with Jio related advertisements on your telephone, send a tweet to @JioCare and they ought to have the capacity to help. This likewise helps me to remember Amazon – simply ping their help group and they’ll cheerfully expel promotions from your Kindle.



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