united bravo

Update about United Hatchback:

United Autos one of a bike manufacturing private company of Pakistan produces a price effectual United Bravo 800cc car in compare to Suzuki Mehran in the autos market of Pakistan. United Autos United Bravo 800cc Hatchback.


united bravo

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United Bravo Price in Pakistan Booking Online Specifications Features Images


According to a PakWheels Report, United Bravo 800cc car is doing to produce in a Pakistani car business to challenge the supremacy of Suzuki Mehran and United Autos promises that United Bravo will prove to be a better rival among hatchback cars ready in Pakistan and community will get international clear safeness and drive features in low cost.

According to a detail, United Autos has visited for a transcript direct in Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan (IPO) for a car sketch and United Hatchback will be produced in the first quarter of 2018.

Now United Autos has communicated the likely model of 800cc Hatchback car which matches with a Chinese car.

If we compare a design of Suzuki Mehran with 800cc Car, the design of United Bravo 800cc Car is much better than Suzuki Mehran.

The imagine conduct that the car is provided with the characters like build parking camera, seat-belt warning indicator, power windows, touchscreen infotainment system, RPM and speedometer dials, and digital intelligence cluster and wooden interior, etc.

According to a detail this car appoints with an 800cc three-cylinder. You can check the characteristic below which is published in PakWheels.

It must be visible that characteristic, specs and other details are not substantiated. You will get the strengthen characteristic, specs and other details when this car will officially be introduced in the Pakistani market.


According to a report, the price of United Bravo 800cc car might be PKR 7 lac to give tough time to Suzuki Mehran.

The Bravo Hatchback is really claimed by Luoyang Dahe New Energy Vehicle Co. United has connected for the auto’s copyrights. As per a source, United Motors appointment visited Luoyong Dahe New Energy plant in June a year ago and have marked an on-location arrange for 3,000 units of their DH350s (Bravo Hatchback)



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