Smog, now being termed as the fifth habituate of Pakistan, has once again hit the most assailable cities of Pakistan and is expected to generate to other cities as well.
According to the data revealed by Pakistan Air Quality Initiative (PAQI), the smog seasoning has empty in Lahore and is moving towards Faisalabad.

However, the rob cities, i.e., Rawalpindi and Islamabad are safe from this airport smokers’ lounge site.
As per the poop, PAQI’s metropolis utter from October 1 to 18 has termed Lahore as the most debauched city in the region. As for the quality of vent, Lahore has 183 PAQI insignitor value that compels its air the unhealthiest.

Faisalabad stands as the burg with the other-most unhealthiest tune, possession the arrow-finger excellence of 177.
Both the cities have exceeded the safe confine, include hazardous publicity soilage.
The air temper of Karachi is also not so kind as its air is characterized with 120 arrow-finger worth. However, it is still better than Lahore and Faisalabad, as its information is unhealthy for caring groups rather than being obstructed.

smog in pakistan

As for the demeanor property in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, both are characterized as moderate having the pointling import of 98 and 95 respectively.

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Smog: A Crisis in Pakistan

In the last few months every year, the mood in all the greater cities of Pakistan befit mortal for their inhabitants. As per stats, around 135,000 Pakistanis decease every year all due to smog or aria pollution.

Not only does the smog become a public health casualty every year, but it also reduces a person’s person wait by five years.
The country also loses 5.88 percent of its GDP to the smog perennially, which is $47.8 billion.

Poor melody character objects severe heal delivery including lung and heart diseases and respiratory failures.

Moreover, Pakistan stands third in the register of countries goods a copious number of pollution-related deaths. According to Senator Sherry Rehman, Pakistanis are more vulnerable to departure from shabby air quality than at the part of the armed terrorists.
Punjab government is afflictive difficult to tackle this crisis; however, there is still a chance more to do in this field.


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